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Bijapur Canal

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The plans and estimates for the Bijapur Canal were prepared by Sir Cautley, but the works were constructed under the management of Captain Kirke at that time adjutant of the Sirmur Battalion. Water was admitted in the canal in January 1841.

The Head Works

The Bijapur canal receives its supply from the Tons, a mountain stream which serves as drainage of Karkuli valley. In fixing the immediate site for the head works, Captain Cautley took advantage of some huge masses of rock which had fallen in to the bed of the river close to the left bank immediately under the village Bijapur. Until 1858, the head was built entirely of loose boulders. The canal was constructed with new head works with scouring sluices, shrines and grills and thus it was possible to maintain a full and continuous supply of water during the rains, where as at the same time boulders and shingles were excluded.

Aerial View of Head Works

Intake of Bijapur Canal

Canal at Head

Canal Falls

Bijapur Canal System

The total distribution system of Bijapur Canal is given below :

S.No. Name of channel Off taking from Length, (km.)
1. Bijapur Main Canal Tons river 3.06
2. Kaulagarh Branch Bijapur Canal 6.90
3. Baniawala Minor Kaulagarh Branch 2.40
4. Shuklapur Minor Kaulagarh Branch 1.90
5. Ambiwala Minor Kaulagarh Branch 3.00
6. Rangharwala Minor Kaulagarh Branch 2.54
7. Arcadia Minor Kaulagarh Branch 6.17
8. Mohanpur Minor Kaulagarh Branch 4.40
9. Kanwali Branch Bijapur Canal 8.49
10. Harbanswala Minor Kaulagarh Branch 3.13
11. Majra Minor Kaulagarh Branch 2.60
12. Pithuwala Minor Kaulagarh Branch 2.70
    Total 47.29


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