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Jakhan Canal

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In his " Notes on the Dehradun water courses (1845)". Captain Cautley stated that there appeared "to be a field for extending Irrigation in the North-East angle of the Eastern Dun by taking possession of the water which exists in the early part of the course of the Jakhan river". "It seems that a canal off taking from a spot a little above Bhogpur and distant from it 5 km, had once existed. Captain Cautley had no time to visit this portion of the district, but subsequently a project for a canal was prepared by Mr. R.E. Forest Superintendent of the Dun Canals, and works were constructed in 1855 to 1861. The canal was opened in the Kharif of 1863.

The Head Works

The canal takes off from the left bank of the Jakhan river. The site for the head works was fixed at a point about 5 km., above Bhogpur, high up in the river's course, so as to ensure a continuous supply of water. The water is turned into the canal by means of a temporary dam. During the rainy season the supply is also obtained by feeders from the Amgarh, Kua Khala, Mahadev Khala and Sansra Khala Torrents, from the first named of these a small supply is also obtained during the dry season.

Jakhan Canal System

The total distribution system of Jakhan Canal is given below :


Name of channel

Off taking from Length in (km.)
1. Jakhan Canal Jakhan River 8.736
2. Rani Pokhri branch Jakhan Canal 3.14
3. Jhilwala branch Jakhan Canal 5.255
4. Feeders - 1.217
5. Minors - 13.86
    Total 31.808


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