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Kalanga Canal

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There is very little on record relating to the first construction of this canal. In the notes written in 1845, Captain Cautley suggested that the head of the song river should be carefully examined with a view to taking out a Canal for the improvement of a portion of Eastern Dun. Captain Cautley stated that a cut had been made by Mr. Yansittart (at that time Superintendent of the Dun) from a point on the song eastward of the Kalanga ridge from which water was supplied to the village of Raipur, Mianwala, Harrawala etc. It was to take up the Irrigation performed by this channel, and to open up to cultivation a tract of country which was then chiefly sal forest, that the Kalanga Canal was Constructed. Work was commenced in 1855 and the Canal was opened in 1859-60.

The Head Works

As originally constructed the head of the canal was at a point on the song river near the village of Raipur, down stream of the Kalanga hills. The site chosen was not a good one, because by commencing so low down the canal lost command of a large tract of country. In 1861, a new head called Chanduwala head was constructed at a point on the song river, a short distance below the confluence of the Sahastradhara. In 1872-73, the water of Bandel river was diverted in the canal by constructing an open channel. In 1874-75, the water of Sahastradhara were tapped at a point about 3.0 km above their confluence with the song, carried down to the canal by means of a small earthen channel known as Sahastradhara feeder. The head at song river near Maldeota was shifted to considerably higher up in Tehri Territory and the new head was constructed in 1870.

Thus, presently kalanga Canal receives its water from three rivers Sahastradhara, Bandel and Song. The heads at Sahastradhara & Bandel rivers are temporary one where as head at Song river is in the form of weir.

View of Canal and Aqueduct on Kalanga Canal

Kalanga Canal System

The total distribution system of Kalanga Canal is given below :


Name of channel

Off taking from Length in (km.)
1. Kalanga Canal Song River 8.40
2. Bandal feeder Bandal River 1.00
3. Sahastradhara feeder Sahastradhara 4.15
4. Nathuawala branch Kalanga Canal 6.40
5. Mianwala branch Nathuawla branch 5.78
6. Badripur branch Kalanga Canal 5.90
7. Minors - 69.46
    Total 101.09


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